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About Micro Holdings Group Ltd
Delivering exceptional products and services that help our clients to stand out in a competitive world. We take the hassle out of your promotional product marketing by consolidating every aspect from design & sourcing right through to distribution & delivery.

How It All Started

It all started in 1996 when a trip to Australia sparked an idea...

Fridge Magnets!

Micromagnetics was born, soon becoming one of the UK's most trusted magnet specialists. Evolving into Micromarketing in 2011, the company continued to expand its portfolio with customer demand, offering value-added services to become a one-stop-shop for many clients, offering Worldwide Sourcing, Warehousing & Distribution, Fulfilment, Mailing, Creative Agency Services, New Product Design and more.

Today, Micro Holdings Group Ltd encompasses 5 companies all working closely together with a shared focus of delivering exceptional products and services, helping our clients to stand out in a competitive world.


Micromarketing Ltd

Promotional Product Agency offering bespoke product design, promotional merchandise, graphic design, consultancy & value-added services.

Micromagnetics Ltd

The UK 's trusted magnet specialists with a history spanning over 20 years. Fridge & exterior grade magnets, retail, exhibition & more.


Worldwide Sourcing, Warehousing & Distribution. Full management services, customisation and optimum security.


Acrylic & glass blank products at trade prices. Frames, keyrings, coasters, notebooks & more for retail & self-customisation.


Initially founded with Operation Blue, MicroAU takes us to the other side of the world and back to our roots. Find out more...


What We Offer

Micro has over 20 years of experience working with not-for-profits, retail, housing associations, local councils and agencies. Our Head Office is ISO Registered, BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) Accredited and a member of SEDEX.

We offer value and return on investment through extraordinary solutions designed to exceed our client’s needs. Our creative-heavy workforce allows us to offer clients innovative ideas and services that can set them apart in their environment, pushing their brand forwards.


Our Values

Micro is an ethical organisation. We consider the protection of the environment in which we operate to be essential in all business practices. We instil these principles in staff across all of our companies throughout our supply chain.

We uphold the strictest of quality policies and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. Some of the steps we take to achieve this are: using renewable energy; actively reducing consumption & waste in the office; reusing items such as packaging; and recycling all suitable materials. We also advertise eco-friendly ranges alongside customer quotes to highlight "greener" choices to clients. 

We source all products responsibly ensuring that the working conditions of producers meet or exceed international labour standards. We only work with ETI accredited suppliers and actively assess priority suppliers against our workplace standards through surveys and site audits.


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Helping our clients to stand out in a competitive world